Erayba WellPlex Bond Protector

2 x 500 ml

Wellplex Bond Protector W01

Wellplex Bond Connector W02

Reinforcing treatment. Protects the hair fiber and enforces the hair bonds during coloring and bleaching services. Preserves and interacts with the hair fibers to reinforce and create new structural bonds with AminoPlex.


Restoring intense treatment. Stabilizes the enforced bonds. Seals the cuticle, restores hair strength and elasticity. Improves hair’s resistance and provides long lasting strength. With CutiPlex and Niosomes.


Active Ingredients

  • AminoPlex
  • CutiPlex
  • Niosomes


  1. Apply to wet hair and lather
  2. Rinse thoroughly
  3. Re-apply if necessary