ZenActive Therapy Treatment

Erayba ZenActive Balancing Treatment

1000 ml / 12 x 8ml / 8 x 15 ml

Balancing Shampoo

Balancing Lotion

Absorbing Mask

Oily hair shampoo, regulates sebaceous secretions. Deeply cleans the hair and controls the scalps sebaceous secretions, provides the hair with healthy, light and balanced look.


Intense active lotion oily hair, regulates sebaceous secretion. Regulates the sebaceous gland, stops and prevents from excess of grease on the scalp.


Hair mask oily hair, regulates sebaceous secretions. Balances the sebaceous secretion and absorbs excess of sebum on scalp. Deeply cleans scalp, keeps the hair healthy and light.


Active Ingredients

  • Caffeine
  • Zinc
  • Sebaryl™ (Sebum Regulating Complex)
  • Cucumber Extract
  • Green Healing Clay